Implementing organizational changes and developing leaders to sustain them

Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting

“Think of the strategies you’ve seen fail. Do they come crashing down with a loud noise, or do they die slowly, quietly smothered by the day job?”

Stephen Covey

Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic planning is a management tool that demands leaders rise above the tumult of day-to-day operations to address the future of the organization’s products/services, markets served, competitors faced, and the dynamic business environment in which we find ourselves. Effective strategic planning is a process that invites opportunities to hatch new products and services, broadens existing ones, and stops those products or services that simply are not relevant to the organization’s future.

Executive teams finding themselves in a reactive cycle, rather than a proactive one, often get there because they are not using a clear and relevant strategic planning process. This process involves all parts of the organization by taking a big-picture view of itself, its industry, business environment, competitors, customers, stockholders - in short, everything and everyone that has influence over with a stake in the organization’s success.

Our job is to assist the lead executive by facilitating his/her team through a rigorous and relevant strategic planning process, that enables the team to create a strategic plan (a three-to-five year look), with an operating plan (one year plan) to support and complement it. We confirm understanding and sharing of the organization's Vision, Mission, and Business Goals. We work with the executive team to establish Critical Success Factors, Operating Objectives, Resource Requirements, and Accountability for achieving each.

The template below is just one example of what you can expect to achieve from this process.

Strategic Planning Framework