Implementing organizational changes and developing leaders to sustain them

Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting

“Excellence is an art, won by training and habit. We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


Practice Ethics

Basic to any ethical consulting practice is the belief that if you "fish" for clients, they will become dependent on you. If, however, you teach clients "how to fish”, they receive the best value. They become ultimately independent of consultants, knowing how to manage their issues in the future. We train one or more members of a client’s staff to understand and facilitate continued progress in the organizational and management development changes put in place. Clients achieve lasting benefits without having to pay consultants indefinitely to achieve those benefits.

Guided by respect and integrity in client dealings, Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting treats all information confidentially. All clients receive the same high quality consulting services, irrespective of their size or industry.