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Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting

“The hard stuff is easy, and the soft stuff is hard.”

Fred Smith, CEO of Federal Express

Executive Team Due Diligence

The difference between a good sports team and a great sports team is difficult to notice - until you examine how they work together - before, during, and after the game. Good teams, like great teams, have talent and resources. Great teams, however, share performance standards and leadership talent that separates them from other teams.

The same is true with business executive teams. Good teams drive good business results. Great teams know the way to reach past “good” results and get to “great” results. Great executives focus on standards and behavior that demonstrate “greatness”. Let us help you determine what kind of team you are fielding - its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Executive team due diligence is an opportunity for the CEO (or the team) to assess its “competitive fitness” to determine whether they have the staff, tools and discipline to compete effectively. We introduce a change management framework that, including specific ideas and tools, enhance executive team performance. Participants learn a change management process that enables them to enact a controlled disruption of the “status quo” in how executives engage each other in leading others to business success. This process helps executives understand their own individual strengths and opportunities, as well as executive team development topics. Using this process accelerates an executive’s efforts to enhance their individual performance and team member performance.