Implementing organizational changes and developing leaders to sustain them

Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting

“Honesty is the most decent of all values.”


Working with Clients as Partners

How we prefer working with our clients:

  1. Listen to the client. Understand their concerns and issues. Clarify their needs first before any project work or intervention is proposed.
  2. Set clear expectations up-front, including clear roles and responsibilities that make sense to all parties.
  3. Establish honest, candid communication, where mutual respect is embraced and reinforced.
  4. If necessary, reframe the thought of ‘conflict’ as a good thing! Implementing organizational changes, which include addressing difficult situations, often creates conflict that demands debate and resolution for the change process to work.
  5. Practice client confidentiality in all that we do.
  6. Use language that clients understand and can apply to their specific business and situations.
  7. Demonstrate integrity and value by completing client assignments on time and within budget.
  8. Promote change and transformation through frequent and on-going communication with executive team members and the associates in general.
  9. Apply leadership skills and behaviors that enable clients to lead their own change process
  10. Coach individual client managers to implement their own individual transitions to experience a successful change process.