Implementing organizational changes and developing leaders to sustain them

Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

John Lennon

Great Teams Hit the TARGET!

Great teams achieve a level of excellence that other teams do not because they have an unwavering focus on the “prize”, in other words, the common goals. Great teams hit the “TARGET” by demonstrating the following characteristics:

  1. T- RUTH
    Team members are open and candid with each other. They share expectations of themselves as well as for each other, along with experiences and opinions.
    Team members are accountable to each other for the words they use and the actions they take (or fail to take). Regular “check-in” points occur to review individual and group progress occurs.
  3. R- ESPECT
    Team members experience each other acting with integrity, and being respectful of themselves and others. Issues are raised, and candid discussion having mutual respect occurs.
  4. G- ROWTH
    Team members welcome personal growth and change, which often leads to increased knowledge and capability. They often act on their own initiative to support the team’s success.
    Team members reflect their personal experience back to the team to improve team process and results. Team members enhance others’ performance, as well as contribute to overall team success.
  6. T- RUST
    Team members know they can count on each other to complete their work, or ask others for help. They do not cover up mistakes or spend time trying to “look good” when things are not. Team members focus on common goals, and work in harmony for overall team benefit.